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CYBERTECH is the premier global event where decision makers and thought leaders from government, enterprise and academia convene to discuss the latest trends, emerging challenges and the most promising paths forward in the realm of cybersecurity.

No matter which of the many industries affected by cybersecurity you come from, CYBERTECH's keynote speeches, lectures and panels on crucial topics, and our vibrant exhibition space provide unparalleled opportunities to network, share ideas, and find partners for new endeavors.

First held in Tel Aviv, Israel in 2014, and since held all over the world, CYBERTECH has grown to be the world’s foremost cyber security event.
At CYBERTECH TOKYO, national and regional government leaders, as well as top executives and opinion leaders from a broad range of fields including infrastructure, defense, insurance, health care, research and development, automotive, manufacturing, and retail will gather and share perspective on a global scale.
Please join us at CYBERTECH TOKYO, where a broad exchange between industry, government and academia creates opportunities for new businesses to take form, and for existing business to expand across the globe.

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Cybertech is an important platform for your business.

National, regional and local government

Large Enterprises

Entrepreneurs & Investors

R & D Experts


National, regional and local government

With concern about security on the rise, leaders responsible for Japan’s future will be in attendance.

Large Enterprises

Large companies with strong name recognition and stable business will attend to further expand their endeavors.

Entrepreneurs & Investors

Entrepreneurs and investors will come to search for their next business chances across a broad range of fields.

R & D Specialists

Researchers and experts who are pushing the envelope of R & D every day will gather.


Startups working to change the world with their novel ideas and passion will gather from around the globe.

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Options for you

For dealing with different issues.

I want to expand my business overseas but do not know where to start.

For IT companies, business expansion in the global context is one of the most important issues today. Finding business partners with whom you can tackle this challenge is simply indispensable.

I want ideas for overseas expansion
I want to find overseas partners
I want to know about global trends
I want to know about trends in IT
I want to increase my company’s brand recognition

If any of the above apply to you, then CYBERTECH may present you with amazing opportunities.

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Global options for you

The platform for those who aim for the world

IT companies and experts from all across the world will gather at CYBERTECH. Talented people from all fields gather to show their products, deepen their knowledge and find business partners.

The significance of cyber continues to spread throughout all industries.

CYBERTECH is the place to go beyond the boundaries of traditional business and exchange opinions with different stakeholders.
If you’re thinking about advancing into the rest of the world, CYBERTECH could be your first step in doing so.

CYBERTECH participants include:

Entrepreneurs & Investors
Experts in research & development
Companies from all over the world
National, regional and local government officials
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Outstanding Benefits

Connect with the world through CYBERTECH.

Benefits include:

An opportunity to increase your brand recognition
Continuous brand exposure
Access to data regarding registered visitors of the event
Business logo displayed on invitation ticket and the like
Company’s official website link will be listed on CYBERTECH’s website, accessible to all visitors and other interested parties
Business logo displayed on a sign within event venue
Business logo displayed on pamphlets and the like
Granted the right to bring corporate promotional goods into event venue(*1)
Exhibition space(*2)
Lecture time slot(*3)
Business logo displayed before keynote speeches
Conference pass

*1: Distribution of promotional goods requires permission from event organizer. Production costs are to be borne by the sponsor.

*2: Only diamond & platinum participants may determine their own decorations. Gold & silver sponsors will have their booth constructed by event officials.

*3: We request that lectures be given by CEOs or other senior executives. When applying to give a lecture, please notify us of the lecture theme and its outline. In addition to the sponsor benefits listed above, parties, bags, and other options can be arranged. Please contact event officials for details.

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Participation benefits

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